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Mike's favorite movie was Top Gun, a story about a young fighter pilot Maverick who aspired to become the best in a prestigious naval training academy. He played by his own rules, he was true to himself and honest to a fault, and he built loyal and lasting relationships with his comrades. There is a famous line at the end of this movie:

"You can be my wingman anytime"

Mike Scrocca often used this line to let a friend know they were solid.

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They call themselves "The Wingmen".

These young men, including Mike's brother Brian, are part of a close-knit group of Mike's childhood and high school friends who played sports together, took beach jaunts and ski trips together, partied together, and remained close even after they scattered to different colleges. Now they have graduated college and they go to work every day, but when they come home they play ball. They belong to a local baseball league, and they named their team The Wingmen as a tribute to Mike. Some of them even coach baseball to local youngsters as Mike would have.

These young men are Mike's most trusted and loyal friends. They shared the best of times with Mike; they shared the worst when they lost him. Some of them helped carry him to his resting place. Now all of them carry him in their hearts.

They are tight ... They are solid ... They are his Wingmen.

The Wingmen take 1st place in 2009
Adam Bray, Rob Kraly, Jimmy Diamond, Jeff Rakowitz, Vinod Laxminarayan, Justin Miklowcic, Paul Breen, Brian Scrocca

Chihao Tsui, James Markey, Keith Amann, Matt Pryll,
Mike Ruiz

Not pictured:
Casey Remelgado
All of us on this team were very fortunate to not just play with a great group of guys, but to honor a lifelong friend. Love you, Mike.
- Your Wingmen

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