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Friends of Mike collaborated on a print design for T-shirts created in his memory.

On the front is an oval frame showing the infamous photo of Mike in Italy with outstretched arms.

Tshirt front

On the back is a dedication with his favorite line "You can be my wingman anytime" (see The Wingmen tribute).

Tshirt back

The T-shirts were provided courtesy of the Amann family. The Scrocca and the Amann families are part of a tight-knit group of friends from Branchburg whose lives centered around their children. Keith Amann is one of Mike's best friends since childhood, and is part of Mike's team of Wingmen.

Several thousand "Mike T-shirts" were distributed to family and friends, and donations were accepted and proceeds deposited into Michael's Fund. The T-shirts were worn by most during the services in Branchburg, the memorial at the University of Maryland, and to the dedication at White Oak Park. The "Mike T-shirts" are seen often around town as a reminder of a special young man.

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