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White Oak Park, Branchburg, NJ

In June 2006, the Branchburg Baseball Club dedicated a memorial plaque and planted a white oak tree in Mike's memory near the ball fields where he loved to play at White Oak Park in Branchburg.

memorial site The Michael Scrocca Memorial is located in White Oak Park near the flagpole between ballfields #1 and #2. The plaque is mounted on a circular stone base in a garden setting. A white oak tree stands behind the memorial. Ironically, this tree is the first white oak planted in White Oak Park which was named after the White Oak Tavern originally located on the property.

The dedication on the plaque reads:
Michael Scrocca
October 12, 1982 - April 30, 2005
"Grip It and Rip It!"
Mike was the ultimate free spirit and
an inspiration to all who knew him.
Words can never express the enthusiasm
with which he lived his life.

baseball plaque
Plaque Dedication
Branchburg Baseball Club

There is one true constant ... Life is not always fair. In our travels, we all come across individuals whose influence and presence stay with us long after they leave us. This was certainly the case with Michael Scrocca. When our community learned of the shocking news last spring, we were all stunned and bewildered how something so senseless can happen to someone with so much promise and a life laid out ahead of him. Again, life is not always fair.

In his short time with us, Mike influenced so many people that soon thereafter, the BBC discussed ways to memorialize Mike's life. Why the BBC? Not many players embody what we try to espouse in developing young baseball talent on our fields every spring and summer as he once did. Mike was a BBC player who went onto great success as a starting infielder for Somerville High School and was mere weeks away from graduating from the University of Maryland last spring.

In asking his family to recount memories of Mike and things he loved, it was clearly stated that some of his fondest memories were that of playing ball on fields 1 and 2 here at White Oak Park. While a gesture at best, we hope the memorial plaque and tree planted on behalf of Mike's life, memory and influence on all who knew him, symbolizes in some small way that nothing is forever. To cherish your time here now while you can and always live your life to the fullest. In speaking with those who knew him best, Mike certainly did.

To quote his favorite saying on this memorial plaque as a message to the youth on our fields this year and for years to come that will come to pass by and glance at this saying, to live life to the fullest because we do not come this way again.

Grip It and Rip It!

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