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White Oak Park, Branchburg, NJ

bench In June 2006, the Miklowcic family dedicated a memorial bench in Mike's memory at the ball fields where he loved to play at White Oak Park in Branchburg.

The bench is made of cedar and has a metal plate fastened to the backrest with the infamous silhouette of Mike's outstretched arms. The bench is located behind ballfield #3 with a view of the third baseline. One can sit on this bench and remember Mike playing third base.

The Scrocca and the Miklowcic families are lifelong friends from Branchburg. Throughout the years, Tony Scrocca and Sal Miklowcic coached their sons together through youth soccer and baseball. Justin Miklowcic is one of Mike's best friends since kindergarten and now is one of his loyal Wingmen. Jessica Miklowcic was like a little sister to Mike. The families often vacationed together and were part of a tight-knit group of friends whose lives centered around their children.

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