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January through May, 2004

Mike spent the spring semester of his Junior year studying abroad in Madrid, Spain. Before he left, his parents gave him a Europass for Christmas, an open-ended ticket to travel the continent on the extensive European rail system.

The semester started with an orientation ski trip in the Pyrenees mountains of Spain. During that first weekend, Mike made fast friends with Mick Kelleher, Aimee Pinnell and Kimberly Calan, three fellow students who would also study in Spain. The foursome became very close and did everything together, traveling around Spain and to Ireland, London and Italy.

Mike lived in Madrid, attending classes and studying during the week. On weekends he hit the rails, taking every opportunity to visit new places, making new friends along the way and enjoying every minute of his travels. Mike and his companions traveled throughout Spain, around Italy, to England and Ireland and various port towns along the Spanish coastline.

* Living in Madrid
* Skiing in the Pyrenees
* Visiting Dublin, Ireland
* Visiting London, England
* Traveling through Italy: Florence, Rome. Venice, Capri
* Traveling through Spain: Cadiz, Salamanca, San Sebastian, Toledo, Barcelona

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