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October 1995 - Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD

For Mike's 13th birthday, the family planned a surprise road trip to take Mike to a special baseball game at Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD. His favorite ballplayer, Cal Ripkin Jr., was playing with his favorite team, the Baltimore Orioles.

The first surprise was after school, when Mike found a red minivan in the school parking lot, waiting to take him and his friends on a road trip. He had no idea where they were going or what for.

The second surprise was when they arrived at their destination. Mike was going to see his idol, Cal Ripkin Jr., play ball with the Orioles at Camden Yards!

Keith Amann, Casey Remelgado, Mike, Michael Denson, Rob Kraly, Justin Miklowcic, and brother Brian

The third surprise was during the pre-game salute to the flag. To his amazement, Mike looked up at the score board and saw a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY message to him in lights above the big screen. What greater thrill than to see your name in lights at a big game!

For Mike, this was a special birthday to remember.


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