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Some of the organizations that benefit from contributions from the Michael Scrocca Memorial Fund:
* Somerville High School
"Carpe Diem" Scholarship
* Somerville High School
Baseball Scholarship
* Branchburg Rotary Club
* Big Brothers Big Sisters
* BBBS of Northern New Jersey
* Special Olympics New Jersey Young Athlete Program
* National MS Society New Jersey Chapter Scholarship Program
* SHIP - Samaritan Homeless Interim Program
* Steps Together
* Valerie Fund Children's Centers for Cancer and Blood Disorders

To contribute to the Fund, make your check payable to: Summit Area Public Foundation (SAPF) and write Scrocca Memorial Fund on the memo line.

For additional information, please feel free to contact us.

Summit Area Public Foundation (SAPF)


The Michael Scrocca Memorial Fund, part of the Summit Area Public Foundation (SAPF), is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which was founded in June 2005 by Anthony, Mary and Brian Scrocca. Anthony, Mary and Brian jointly serve as the fund’s board members. The fund was established in memory of their 22-year-old son and brother, Michael, who was killed as a result of an arson fire in College Park, Maryland on April 30th, 2005.

The Michael Scrocca Memorial Fund was created to honor Michael in a manner that was appropriate to his dreams, beliefs and aspirations. The initial funds came from the many donations in Michael’s memory sent by friends, family, and caring people from all over the country. Annually, donations from individuals as well as events held in Michael’s memory contribute to the fund’s growth. Michael’s family decided it is most important to use these donations for the greater good of the community, to assist those that are less fortunate or disabled and provide assistance in the form of scholarships for continued education.


We believe that people from less privileged families, those who have endured extraordinary hardships in their life, and those who live with developmental disabilities are entitled to create and lead enviable lives. We believe that less fortunate children should not be void of simple pleasures in life. We are committed to providing financial assistance for the purpose of continued education to local young men and women who demonstrate admirable qualities of joy and enthusiasm in their school and community. We understand that sponsoring and supporting community needs is the best measure to serve our youth. Our vision is that we can make a difference in these lives. Our vision is to broaden the realm of opportunities for these people, to enhance the quality of their lives, and to watch them live their day the way Michael did, with unabridged enjoyment.


The mission of the fund is to contribute to organizations that help to fulfill the various needs of children and their families. We work to improve the quality of life in our community, to create opportunities for the underprivileged and handicapped youth, to support educational programs by rewarding gifted students based on their achievements and character, and to offer support to larger youth organizations who offer a vision compatible to our own.


Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of less fortunate people and provide hope and joy in their hearts. We have listed below some of the programs that we support. These programs and others will help realize the Foundation's Vision, Mission and Goals:

Somerville High School “Carpe Deim” Scholarship
This scholarship was created in 2005 in Michael's memory. It is awarded each year to a graduating student at Somerville High School who is continuing their education and “seizes the day” as Michael did.
Somerville High School Baseball Scholarships
The fund supports two scholarships each year. They are awarded to graduating students at Somerville High School who were members on the Varsity Baseball team that have shown leadership skills and team spirit.
Big Brothers Big Sisters  (www.bbbs.org)
The fund makes annual donations to support Big Brothers Big Sisters. This organization matches up an adult to a child who needs stability and companionship. Our donation will help to provide funds for special events, day trips and other activities.
BBBS of Northern New Jersey  (www.northjerseybigs.org)
Every day, children in our area (Morris, Bergen, Passaic, Sussex, Hunterdon, Warren and Somerset Counties) are facing challenges in their daily lives. BBBS of Northern NJ helps over 1,000 children with professionally supported one-on-one mentoring to provide guidance, friendship and hope for a promising future.
Special Olympics New Jersey Young Athlete Program  
The Young Athletes Program was created in consultation with the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, to meet the physical and developmental needs of children, ages 2˝ to 7, in the areas of physical activity and play, with an emphasis on sports skill development.
National MS Society New Jersey Chapter Scholarship Program  
The National MS Society, New Jersey Metro Chapter’s Scholarship Program provides college scholarships for students who either have MS themselves or have a parent with MS, allowing these promising students to realize their educational dreams. The funds are used by the students, based on their needs, for food, housing, books, computers, transportation, classes, and other educational necessities.
SHIP - Samaritan Homeless Interim Program  (www.ship908.com)
SHIP, the Samaritan Homeless Interim Program, was created in response to the unheeded cry of the many women, children and men who are in desperate need of emergency housing and associated services. Many of SHIP's clients are the working poor in desperate need of help, are homeless or near homeless, are hungry or suffer from substance abuse dependency, HIV/AIDS, mental health issues, or neglect and isolation.
Steps Together  (www.stepstogether.org)
Steps Together provides underprivileged communities with the necessary materials in order for all people to receive an education they deserve, with the hope to provide a stepping stone for these people to help them build self-confidence to live a self-sustaining life.
Valerie Fund Children's Centers for Cancer and Blood Disorders  (www.thevaleriefund.org)
The fund makes annual donations to support the Valerie Fund Children's Centers for Cancer and Blood Disorders. The Valerie Fund Children's Centers comprise the largest network of healthcare facilities for children with cancer and blood disorders in New Jersey, and one of the largest in the nation. The Valerie Fund's approach is based on the belief that disease in a child is best fought when the entire family is armed and supported to resist it. This means bringing state-of-the-art treatment centers close to the home, providing counseling and child development activities, making a summer camp experience that creates a one week miracle for children with cancer, and doing thousands of other things large and small that collectively make a difference. There are seven Valerie Fund centers located in major hospitals in the tri-state area, providing caring and comprehensive health care to more than 5,000 children and their families each year.
Branchburg Rotary Club  (www.branchburgrotary.org)
A donation was made to this charitable organization for the construction of a baseball field for the Challenger Program. This program is a baseball league providing physically and/or mentally handicapped juveniles the ability to play baseball on a weekly basis, and is dependent upon volunteers and donations from the community. As a teenager, Mike volunteered as a "Challenger Buddy" for this program.


Michael was the ultimate free spirit. His defining trait was his gift to relate to people of all backgrounds, opinions, beliefs, and social groups. Mike’s laugh was undoubtedly contagious, his smile breathtaking, and his hug lifting. Although not many people could feel comfortable living as carefree as Mike did, everybody admired the way in which he carried himself. His motives were never questioned, his friends and family were always first, and Michael acted with his heart. Along with this compassion was a grand sense of humor, an enormous amount of enthusiasm and joy towards each day, and a never-ending desire to do more things, see more places, and meet more people.

After Mike’s death, many of the stories and written articles shared a common theme: As soon as he met you, Mike Scrocca made you feel as if you knew him your entire life. Mike had idols and was idolized, had friends and was befriended, and Michael continues to laugh and cry with us. Most importantly, Mike loved and was loved, and he knew it. We will forever miss Mike’s spirit, heart, intelligence, and compassion. Mike’s gift to us was his friendship that he enjoyed so much, and our greatest gift to him can be to carry those memories forever, to speak of him regularly whether through laughter or tears, and to fully enjoy all that we do.

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