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A message from the Scrocca family ...

To the friends and family
of Mike Scrocca,
Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who honor the memory of Mike through your participation in the annual golf outings and donations to the memorial fund. Your kindness, generosity and support is greatly appreciated and serves as a lasting tribute to our son and brother.
Tony, Mary & Brian Scrocca

Please feel free to contact the Scrocca family if you need additional information.

To send a message to the Scrocca family, or for general information, questions or comments about the Memorial Fund or the Golf Classic,
send email to:
To share a favorite memory or photo of Mike for this website, forward it to the Scrocca family (home address below) or send it in email to:
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To make a donation to the Michael Scrocca Memorial Fund, please
* Make your check payable to: Summit Area Public Foundation (SAPF)
* Write "Scrocca Memorial Fund" on the memo line
* Mail it to the Scrocca family for deposit at:

SCROCCA family
20 Carlisle Road
Branchburg, NJ 08876
or mail it directly to the fund administrator at:

c/o Michael Scrocca Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 867
Summit, NJ 07902-0867

Attention: Leah Griffith, Treasurer
All donations are tax-deductable as permitted by law.

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